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How-To Get That Endless Summer Glow All Year Long

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I am always asked.. How-Do-You? so.. i decided, in addition to my regular weekly IQ Beauty makeup tips, i will start sharing my personal health/beauty routines and experiences, tricks and tips that i find to be very useful and strictly live by.

Following some of these suggestions will benefit your health and beauty greatly and definitly lift your spirit! 

As always my tips aim to be effective, meaningful, practical and simple 


  1. It’s great for your HAIR. It will seal the pores, preventing them from getting clogged by oil. It helps your hair stay smooth, shiny and healthy.
  2. It gives your skin a youthful GLOW! I always rinse with cold water, the chill contracts the pores making them appear smaller. 
  3. It gives me just the right amount of LIFT! When the cold water hits the face everything constricts, pores tighten, and blood flows into a new direction. 
  4. My skin feels toned, lifted and tight, plus it strengthens the immune system and lift’s the spirit. 
  5. My daily routine takes only a few minutes saving me lots of money and valuable time on expensive beauty cremes, facials etc..
  6. I continue enhancing the GLOW by applying the ‘Magical Four’ consisting of IQ Beauty Sheer Activity Base, Sheer Activity Glow, Luminous under-eye gel, Lip-Balm Kisses and IQ Flight Lip Eye & Cheek Palette before rushing out the door!
  7.  Because an allover healthy glow completes the look. I love these products because the luminous tint delivers barely-there coverage. I call it a face-lift in a bottle. Try it it’s Magical! 
  8. Makeup Magic to fall in love with. Less is more.
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