About IQ Beauty

The creator of IQ Beauty of Course, Fredericke Grillitz, has worked extensively as a makeup artist for top models, refining her skill of bringing out their inner beauty. IQ Beauty Of Course embodies Fredericke’s desire to give all women an intelligent approach to selecting and applying the best makeup for their individual look. Moving away from conventional ideas about makeup and its application, IQ Beauty products treat the skin as a canvas, enhancing its natural glow and texture. This approach offers the best line of concealers, tinted moisturizers, eye shadows, blushes, lip-gloss and lip-sticks to reflect a woman’s inner glow.

After many years of refining her craft, Fredericke discovered that makeup often has a counterproductive effect; she found that a woman’s natural glow had a superior beauty over caked-on foundations and powders. A glowing skin texture became Fredericke’s signature look.

Fredericke began her journey working internationally in the fashion industry. She later moved to the United States to work with top models Claudia Schiffer, Helena Christensen, Naomi Campbell and Stephanie Seymour, and celebrities such as Heather Locklear and Jennifer Love Hewitt. Top fashion magazines Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, and Glamour, use her artistry in commercial shoots, editorial layouts, and magazine covers.

Eventually, Fredericke began to think of ways to share her expertise and beauty tips, resulting in the launch of her makeup line IQ Beauty Of Course in 2001. IQ Beauty focuses on enhancing a woman’s natural beauty with minimal makeup. Fredericke condensed her years of knowledge and experience into a five-step process for a fresh looking face.

Fredericke brings true artistry to the everyday woman by treating the face as a canvas. A woman’s skin is naturally beautiful and heavy powders detract from that natural glow. For this reason, Fredericke starts off with a lightweight, illuminating tinted moisturizer. Glowing skin gives off a youthful, healthy feel and appearance. A skin-tone-specific concealer goes on top to ensure an even skin texture. Blush is essential in radiating the confidence of an active and happy woman. A light eyeliner pencil, rather than a thick liner, further enhances a youthful illumination. Finally, a matte lipstick in a deep shade secures a sophisticated and confident look. Fredericke’s five-step process is perfect for an on-the-go woman. The easy application takes just minutes and the result is a natural confidence that truly shines through.

IQ Beauty’s uncomplicated and simple nature embodies Fredericke’s belief that less is more. The polished glow of IQ Beauty is refreshing and empowering. The natural elegance that radiates from a happy, confident woman is packaged into every IQ Beauty product. It gives women the power to be utterly themselves without loads of makeup caked on. The better you feel, the better you look and the results are stunning!

The IQ Beauty line enables women to achieve a luminous glowing appearance, without heavy concealers and powders. The minimum amount of makeup is applied to achieve the maximum effect. By treating the face as a canvas, Fredericke Grillitz brings artistic principles to life. The result is natural beauty, which is fresh, modern, and timeless.