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Dry vs. Dehydrated Skin, It’s All About Texture.

Finally some answers!

What is dehydrated skin? What is dry skin?


Dry skin lacks oil and occurs deep between the layers of your skin but causes dry, flaky skin cells to appear on the surface, making the skin look rough, cracked and a little bit leathery. It lacks suppleness and elasticity which leads to wrinkles.

HOW TO TREAT: You can’t really fix it but you can improve its appearance. Avoid any harsh skincare and makeup products that are going to strip the skin. Use Omega-3 fatty acids that will nurture dry skin!!

DEHYDRATED SKIN: Rather than lacking oil, dehydrated skin lacks water, which is vital in making it look plump and healthy. Your complexion feels tight and appears as though someone turned the lights off.

HOW TO TREAT: Be careful with your skincare regime, products that are too harsh can gradually damage the skin barrier, meaning it cannot maintain moisture levels adequately. Drinking lots of water, eat more water-rich food such as cucumber, lettuce, avocado, broccoli and watermelon.

Cover up less and create a glowing canvas! Replace your heavy foundation and powder with a tinted moisturizer, let your skin breath!

Use IQ Beauty super hydrating products like, Tinted Moisturizer Sheer Activity Base & Glow, Luminous under-eye gel with crushed pearls, Lip balm Kisses for the lips! 

Add our Eye Shimmer Trio on the eyelid, super moisturizing.

Cheers to glowing radiant skin!