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Video: Learn HOW-TO create a perfect complexion

Learn HOW-TO get a perfect complexion

A radiant, luminous and youthful looking skin is our signature makeup look. This is a quick and easy way to create a natural and stylish looking appearance in a few steps.The look is perfect for attending a business meeting, or simply picking up the kids. A no-nonsense approach towards makeup.

PRIME, PROTECT & ILLUMINATE : Moisturize and Illuminate the skin with Sheer Activity Base, Glow, Luminous Under- Eye Gel Creme, Kisses Lip-Balm to enhance your own beauty and create the perfect canvas for makeup application. One color fits all skin tones. All products are light infused. Soft Glow Effect!

APPLY: NUDE STICK Concealer to minimize imperfections, blemishes and under-eye circles.

PERFECT: Dab Face-Glow BRONZE, LIFT on the apple of the cheek. Will take off years!

ACTION-GO: Apply Lip-ART Pencil MONET, Creme Eye Shadow Eye- Glow SIX, Black Kohl Pencil JET-BLACK, Brow-Gel WOW and Lift & Lock LL MASCARA to complete your look.

ON THE GO TIP: Use IQ FLIGHT for touch-up when out and about.


Products Used:

Sheer Activity Base
Luminous Moisturizing Creme
Kisses Lip Balm
Nude Stick Concealer
Creme Blush Face Glow (Bronze and Lift)
Lip Art Pencil (Monet)
Eye Glow (Six)
Black Eye Pencil
Brow-Gel WOW
Lift & Lock LL MASCARA
IQ Flight