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Uptown Girl

This fall we put smoky eyes back on the map. 

Smoky neutrals on the cheeks, eyes and lips are made for a soft monotone palette that oozes understated elegance with an edge. 


  1. Apply IQ Beauty creme matte Eye Smoke Palette for seductive smoky eyes. Create and blend your your own shade of a SKIN-DEEP-NUDE. Define and intesify eyes with IQ Beauty Myth Eye-Shimmer Pencil to contour your lash-line, follow with our Jet Black Pencil to draw a line on your inner & upper eyelid. use XLXL Maxcara to complete the look. 
  2. Outline and fill in lips using our NEW Naked Gel Lip Liner to create fuller, wider-looking perfected lips. 
  3. Apply our Flush Mulitple Stick on lips and cheeks for a showstopping matte flushed nude finish. Apply Lipstick straight from the bullet or smudge it on with your fingers to blend the edges.