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The Fusion of Wisdom and Style: The Birth of IQ Beauty

Embarking on a unique journey, my makeup education began with a rare opportunity. To earn private lessons from an industry veteran, I had to prove my talent. Passing the test was just the beginning.

Once I met the mark, my extraordinary teacher generously shared his invaluable knowledge with me. His experience, acquired on the global fashion stage, became my treasure trove of insights.

This learning experience was unlike any other, and I’m grateful for the privilege of receiving lessons from a true pro. It’s these unique lessons that continue to shape my approach to makeup.

Now, I carry forward this wisdom, and I invite you to explore the world of makeup with me. Discover the secrets and techniques that set the professionals apart. His wisdom, seamlessly blended with my individual style of natural makeup, was acknowledged by the end of our course. This fusion became the solid foundation for IQ Beauty, of course.

Let’s unlock your makeup journey together.


IQ Beauty Of Course