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Meet Our Re-Formulated Beauty Heroes

The secret to healthy, hydrated flawless skin In Three Easy Steps! 

These Beauty Heroes are made Without: Gluten, Paraben, Talc, Fragrance. 

These nourishing lotion’s magically morph to your natural skin tone, creating your tailored golden glow instantly! 

Nourishing, Lifting  and Illuminating! 

Makeup Solutions To Dry and Dehydrated Skin: 1. Replace your heavy foundation and powder with IQ Beauty Sheer Activity Tint, add Sheer Activity Glow for extra luminosity. 2. Apply Luminous under-eye gel to illuminate and deflect your under-eye circles. 3. Dab lip Balm Kisses on your lips. 

Luminous under-eye gel is enriched with vitamins, minerals and crushed pearls.

In addition drink lot’s of water, eat more water-rich foods such as cucumber, lettuce, avocado, broccoli and watermelon. 

Let Your Skin Breath.

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