Enhance your natural lip with a strategic placement of a few makeup products. 

Grab your concealer, clear lip liner, lipstick, and gloss, scroll through to see how it’s done.

STEP 1: Conceal 

Apply IQ Beauty Nude Touch concealer to the centre of your lips to brighten the area. Go all the way to the edge of your lip line, and blend the top edges up onto your skin.

STEP 2: Clear Liner

Line top and bottom lips. Apply on top of your natural lip line, exaggerating it ever so slightly.

STEP 3: Lipstick

Next blend it all together with lipstick applied with a brush or finger. 

STEP 4: Lip Gloss

For the final volume-amplifying touch, add a colored or clear gloss with a hint of a shimmer to just the centre of your top and bottom lips. 

Suggested Products: IQ Beauty Kisses Lip Balm, Sheer Lust Gloss, Clear Lip Liner, Lipstick Insist, New Giggle, Pink & Nude Lip Mixx Palette… 

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