Liquid Luminosity Now In Sunlight!

Illuminate your complexion with a summer fresh golden sun-kissed GLOW!

From a beautiful canvas of glowing, lit-from within skin, to gleaming sculpted cheekbones, feel your most empowered, glowing and beautiful . 

Blush and bronzer were invented to mimic the effects of a bit too much sun without the harmful UV rays. 

Here are the glowing beauty must have essentials!

Makeup Glow:

Le Sculpt creme contouring palette, Creme Eye Glow Shimmer Trio, Face Glow Bronze, XLXL Lash Volume Mascara.

Skin Glow: 

Sheer Activity Base, Glow, Luminous under-eye gel, Lip Balm Kisses, Nude Touch concealer. 

Enjoy your new GLOW.

IQ Beauty Of Course


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